What happened to reward points?

Dear customers, due to feedback we have received from you over the past year, we have decided to discontinue the old reward point system and switch to the new Aotea VIP system, which will be launched in the first part of January 2017. 

Many of you felt that the old reward points system was overly confusing and impractical. We felt the same way!

This is why we will be launching a new Aotea VIP system, which is cleaner, simpler, and as better value for our most loyal customers.

Old reward points

Don't worry, your old reward points will be converted into a 1 time discount code!

We will be sending out reward point emails in the first part of January 2017. Your old reward points will be converted into a cash discount voucher that you can spend on checkout.

This is based on the value of the old reward points conversion. Here is an example:

You had 200 points   =   40 points is $1   =   You will receive $5 discount coupon

You had 1500 points   =   40 points is $1   =   You will receive $38 discount coupon (rounded up from $37.5) 

If you have not received your refunded coupon by the 10th of January...

  • Please check your SPAM or DELETED mailbox
  • Some mail providers (especially Hotmail, MSN, or LIVE) will block our system's emails since we are sending out so many of them. If you think you had over 200 points, but haven't yet received your refund, please contact us with your email address, and we will send you your discount coupon directly!

*Reward points under 200 points (under $5 value) will be omitted.